InvestSmart® @ Minggu Saham Amanah Malaysia (“MSAM”) 2022

1 December 2022

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The MSAM event has been organized by the Permodalan Nasional Berhad (“PNB”) since year 2000. The event seeked to raise awareness and educate the public on investing in unit trusts, showcase PNB’s investment products and investment companies; and highlight the regulatory and business environment within which the unit trust industry operates.

This year, MSAM 2022 was held at Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan from 24 to 30 November 2022 and featured over 30 various exhibitors comprising of public listed companies, banks and regulators. SC opened a booth at the event and welcomed visitors to participate in the capital market survey as well as share investment knowledge with the public. In addition, the SC was also invited to speak at their pocket talk sessions. The event attracted over 146,000 visitors over the course seven-day event.