Peer-to-Peer Financing (P2P)

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P2P financing offers an alternative access to funding particularly for businesses and provides retail investors another investment option.

P2P financing is essentially a lending and borrowing activity between businesses and investors, facilitated through an online marketplace i.e. a P2P financing platform operator. The funding needs are met by a group of investors putting in small amounts of money for a particular business need that has been vetted by a P2P financing platform operator.


Role of a P2P Financing platform operator? What does it mean for businesses? What does it mean for investors?
Undertakes the role of a “marketplace provider” for both businesses and investors to utilise the platform subject to certain rules. Offers great funding opportunity to business owners for stable cash-flow Allows investors to diversify their investments to suit their goals and risk profiles.
Must be registered with SC. There is no funding cap imposed on businesses utilising P2P Financing platforms. Investors will be able to receive amount of periodic repayments according to the predetermined payment schedule of the investment note.
A business will need to raise at least 80% of its target financing amount before the funds are released (any excess amount raised will be returned to the investors). There is no investment limit imposed on the investors, but retail investors are encouraged to limit their P2P investment exposure at RM50, 000 at any given time.


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