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DIM is a fund management business incorporating innovative technologies to offer automated discretionary portfolio management services to investors. DIM uses automation to make their services more affordable, accessible and convenient to all. DIM aims to replicate many of the key activities performed by traditional fund managers via online access.

DIM is a regulated activity by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC). Therefore, companies are required to obtain a license from the SC to offer DIM services in Malaysia.

How to Invest with a DIM? Who is Eligible to Invest with a DIM?

The process for investing through a DIM company may differ depending on the rules set by the licensed company.

In general, you will have to open an account with a licensed DIM

You will be required to complete an online risk assessment questionnaire

You will be recommended with a portfolio based on their risk profile, investment goals and financial needs

If you are satisfied with the recommendation, you can proceed to add funds in your investment account

Once the funds are invested, your portfolio will be monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure that the asset allocation of your portfolio is aligned with your risk profile.

DIM investment opportunities are open to all investors.

While the SC has not imposed any investment limits to investors, DIM companies may choose to impose their own.

To view the list of DIMs licensed by the SC, click here.