(Be Money Wise)

According to various studies conducted in the past, only two out of five or 39% of Malaysians have the habit of saving money. As a result, less than one out of three individuals or 28% of Malaysians have a budget for their expenses and stick to it.

These statistics prove that the general awareness levels among Malaysians on the importance of good financial management habits are still lacking. Good financial management habits and smart investing are very important topics for the public.

When armed with the right skills and knowledge to manage finances smartly, individuals will be able to plan their finances better and live a more comfortable and stable lifestyle.


The objective of B.M.W. is to create awareness and increase the skills among members of the public on financial planning and management, smart investing and identifying as well as avoiding illegal investment schemes/scams.


Programme Content:


The importance of money management

The right techniques to apply when planning finances

How to lodge a complaint or seek redress

The characteristics of illegal investment schemes/scams



Seminar Title

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Be Money WiseSIDC  9am-12pm 





8.30 – 9.00am


9.00 – 10.15am

 Be Money Wise (B.M.W.)

·         Activity 1: Know your money

·         Why do you need to manage your finances?

·         Smart financial management techniques

10.15 – 10.45 am


10.45am – 12.30pm

 Bijak Melabur Wang (B.M.W.)

·         Importance of investing

·         Investment products in the Malaysian Capital                       Market

·         Guide to wise investing

·         Investors' rights & responsibilities

·         Identifying illegal investment schemes

·         Seeking assistance and lodging complaints

12.30 – 1.00pm

·         Question and answer session





Learning Methods

  • Seminar and discussions
  • Quizzes, games and question and answer sessions

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  • 4 hours


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