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Videos & Podcasts

Digital Literacy for Seniors Programme

Investing in Digital Asset Management & Effective Financial Management Practices with Stashaway & AKPK

Shareholder-Board Engagements & Participating in an e-AGM with MSWG and Boardroom Malaysia

Shareholder-Board Engagements & Participating in an e-AGM with MSWG and Tricor

Shareholder-Boardroom Engagement & Participating in an e-AGM with MSWG and SSHSB

Investing in Cryptocurrencies through Registered DAX with SINEGY

Investing in Capital Market Products Through Registered e Service Platforms with Versa

Grow Your Wealth Through Digital Investment Manager with AKRU

How to Invest in Bonds & Sukuk Online with FSMOne

InvestSmart® Online Series

How to trade cryptocurrencies through the Digital Asset Exchanges

Digital Investing: Is it right for you?

Introduction to SRI sukuk & bond in Malaysia

P2P Financing: Is It A Path To Profit?

Investing with a Digital Investment Management Service

Investing with a Shariah Compliant Equity Crowdfunding

FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia Index: Introduction to ESG Investing

InvestSmart® Series

InvestSmart® Series Episode 1: Investment Landscape
InvestSmart® Series Episode 2: Beyond Property
InvestSmart® Series Episode 3: Unit Trust Part 1
InvestSmart® Series Episode 4: Unit Trust Part 2
InvestSmart® Series Episode 5: Private Retirement Schemes
InvestSmart® Series Episode 6: Investing In Individual Stocks Part 1
InvestSmart® Series Episode 7: Investment In Individual Stocks Part 2
InvestSmart® Series Episode 8: Warrants And Options
InvestSmart® Series Episode 9: Bonds
InvestSmart® Series Episode 10: Islamic Products
InvestSmart® Series Episode 11: ETFs
InvestSmart® Series Episode 12: ECFs And P2P Lendin
InvestSmart® Series Episode 13: Scams
InvestSmart® Series Episode 14: SIDREC
InvestSmart® Series Episode 15: Recap


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10 Super Tips For FInancially Stress-Free Student Life

10 Panduan Mudah Mengurus Wang Untuk Pelajar

The Secrets of Savvy Investors: Attending The AGM

Basics of Stock Investing

Ciri-Ciri Skim Penipuan

How to Spot Scams

Wise Investor Series: Types of Unit Trust Funds in Malaysia


Getting Started In Unit Trust Investing

Investing in Bonds

Introduction to Derivatives

Managing Equity Market Risk by Using Derivatives

The ABCs of Warrants

The Risk of Investing in Warrants

What Are Structured Warrants?

Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) Frequently Asked Questions

Key Features of Private Retirement Schemes (PRS)

5 Reasons Why We Should Consider REIT as a Long-Term Investment

Is It Time To REIThink Your Investments?

Investor’s Guide to Exchange-traded Funds

Investing in the Malaysian Capital Market: Bonds

Investment Guide: Investing In Shariah-Compliant Investments

Investment Guide: Understanding The Prospectus

Making Dividend-Paying Stocks Work in Your Favour